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June 25, 2012

Finding Aaron Sorkin’s (and your own) Voice

by Howard Suber

My recent post, “Finding Your Authentic Voice” received more responses than anything I’ve written in months. Now, there’s a great montage of clips from Aaron Sorkin’s many major films and tv series that deals very much with the question, “What is one’s “voice”? (See: )

The montage focuses amusingly on how many lines, expressions, questions, etc. Sorkin uses over and over his different works. Those who don’t like Sorkin’s work can point to these as a failure of inventiveness; those who do like it can point out that repetition is one of the things that proves one has a voice. Repetition is one of the ways we recognize that a work is by a particular painter, composer, sculptor – and writer. What is style if not repetition? Or character?

What we want others to do is recognize us, that is to say re-cognize us, to see the patterns in what and how we say and do things. Aaron Sorkin demonstrates how much of our style and signature – our “voice” is to be found in what we do over and over again.


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