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Four Strategic Elements for Success

I think this Venn Diagram shows four strategic components for success in film — or anywhere else. I got it on Facebook from Fred G. Andrews,  who got it from Morgan Jenness, who got it from Dorothy Shapland, who modified something from Aristotle Bancale. The title I’ve given it is my own.

Photo: Something to.strive for...?


“How to Make It in Today’s Film World” – interview

“How to Make It in Today’s Film World” – interview with Howard Suber on The European Independent Film Festival site.


Great Advice for Creators

Great commencement speech last month by Neil Gaiman, the fantasy writer whose comic books, novels and films have made him one of today’s leading creative figures.

I find his speech realistic and inspiring, full of good advice.


Finding Your Authentic Voice

I had lunch with a former student, and as we sat down, I asked how things were going. My lunch mate responded, “I’m still trying to find my voice.”

It’s a line I hear a lot from creative people, and it got me thinking.

What does it mean to “find your voice?” I usually understand that someone is saying, “I want to find the authentic me.” While that certainly is a laudable goal, there are some things I think we need to think about in searching for it. Read more »


Finding Your Creative Voice and Using Your Actual Voice

Six months before he died last year of throat cancer, the always-interesting columnist, thinker and writer Christopher Hitchens  wrote an article in which he mused on the relationship between one’s creative voice and one’s actual voice ( Read more »