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Creativity and Selling Your Ideas

One of the few online blogs I subscribe to is “Brain Pickings Weekly” by Maria Popova. (Full disclosure: she listed The Power of Film in her piece, “(Almost) Everything You Need to Know about Culture in 10 Books” in 2011, so I was first attracted to her site by self-interest, but I’ve stayed a subscriber because she is always interesting.)

Today, her free newsletter discusses a new book by Daniel Pink in the article, “Ambiverts, Problem-Finders, and the Surprising Secrets of Selling Your Ideas.” There are several good ideas there for creative people.

The piece is at It’s the third article on today’s page.


Letters to Young Filmmakers – Table of Contents

Becoming a Filmmaker.. xiv

Becoming a Professional Filmmaker ..xvii

Fate vs. Destiny .. 3

War .. 5

It’s Who You Know .. 9

“Born Creative”? .. 11

The Principal Principle of Creativity.. 13

Inspiration .. 17

Originality.. 20

Ideas.. 24

Pitching.. 26                Read more »