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Finding your voice vs. finding what your work is trying to say

Some of the responses I’ve received to my piece “Finding Your Authentic Voice” have exhibited a touch of anguish because several people clearly feel they should have a voice but didn’t know what it was or how to find it, or they feel have a voice but no one will listen to it.

As one person pointed out, the word “vocation” comes from the same root as “voice,” and it refers to something that has the status of the sacred – a higher calling. Read more »


On the set of HITCHCOCK

Took my UCLA class to watch Sacha Gervasi, a former UCLA screenwriting student, direct Anthony Hopkins and Helen Mirren in the final scenes of his film, HITCHCOCK, which will probably be out before the end of the year. Great to see him develop the subtle nuances of the story as the takes progressed through the evening. It’s going to be an interesting film.

A few days later, I did an interview about Sacha, the Hitchcock film and his next one on Hervé Villechaiz. (Link to that article at the bottom)

I repeatedly make the point in Letters to Young Filmmakers  and in my classes that, on average, it takes about nine years to get a studio film made – even for major directors and producers.

When I first got to know Sacha while he was a student, Read more »


“Films Must Have a Happy Ending”: Wrong

The press, audiences, and people in the film industry itself all seem to believe that, to be a success, a Hollywood film must have a happy ending, but as the list below demonstrates, this is not born out by the evidence. While comedies and musicals generally end happily, a very large proportion of the most memorable popular films (those that were popular in their own day and have remained popular) do not. Read more »


Sigmund Freud’s Advice to Filmmakers

Thanks to Angel Granados, a student in the Strategic Thinking class at UCLA that Ken Suddleson and I just finished, for the following summation of important points in that class and Letters to Young Filmmakers: