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February 15, 2012

THE POWER OF FILM – Recommendations

by Editorial Staff

“Those lucky enough to take Howard Suber’s legendary classes in UCLA’s Film School made many others want to read his book-in-progress. Now that he has delivered it, filmmakers, scholars, and anyone else with a serious interest in film can rejoice. A fascinating and thought-provoking work.”

— Alexander Payne – Director/Screenwriter, The Descendents, Sideways, About Schmidt, Election

 “Howard Suber’s understanding of film storytelling fills the pages of this wise, liberating book. Much of it is surprisingly contrary to what ‘everyone knows.’ A remarkable work.”

Francis Ford Coppola

What Aristotle did for drama, Howard Suber has now done for film. This is a profound and succinct book that is miraculously fun to read.”

–David Koepp – Screenwriter
War of the Worlds, Spider-Man, Mission Impossible, Jurassic Park           


“William Goldman, who said ‘nobody knows anything’ about Hollywood films, probably never took a class from Howard Suber. Put this book on the shelf between Aristotle’s Poetics and your OED; Professor Suber knows more about what’s important about film storytelling than anyone I’ve ever encountered, and he presents it here in an incredibly clear, useful, and provocative way.”

–Dan Pyne – Screenwriter, The Manchurian Candidate (2004), The Sum of All Fears, Any Given Sunday

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