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Sad or Inspiring List of Unmade Films

The link here is to a long list of unmade or unfinished films by a good percentage of the world’s greatest filmmakers.

You can look at it as a sad commentary on how difficult the world of filmmaking is. Or you take some solace and perhaps even inspiration from the fact that even the greatest filmmakers have extreme difficulties getting their passion projects made. Read more »


Politicians and Filmmakers Follow Many of the Same Principles

The first and one of the most important documents in American history was a press release – something Thomas Jefferson and his collaborators called “A Declaration of Independence.” The actual act of separating from Great Britain took place on July 2nd; what we celebrate as the beginning of our nation was the date the P.R. document was released.

In its very first sentence, the Declaration of Independence states:     Read more »


Sigmund Freud’s Advice to Filmmakers

Thanks to Angel Granados, a student in the Strategic Thinking class at UCLA that Ken Suddleson and I just finished, for the following summation of important points in that class and Letters to Young Filmmakers:



“Howard Suber’s understanding of film storytelling fills the pages of this wise, liberating book. Much of it is surprisingly contrary to what ‘everyone knows.’ A remarkable work.”

                                                   — Francis Ford Coppola

“Filmmakers, scholars, and anyone else with a serious interest in film can rejoice. A fascinating and thought-provoking work.”

                                                   — Alexander Payne

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